Wavemakers® ACADEMY


Do you want workouts that get results for everyone? Experience a result driven program that teaches WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

October 14 – March 31

Experience the life-changing impact of Wavemakers.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you join:

  • How to create purposeful exercises with proven results. Learn the 6-7 Formula and how to use it to simplify workout planning and target specific results.
  • Words that get personal results for everyone. Teach students how to practically improve function and performance based on the feeling of exercise intensity.
  • Ways to apply lessons into your workouts. Help students know what to do and how it should feel to find a path to results together – student and coach.


Academy is for new and experienced professionals 

eager to learn and develop new skills.

Academy includes:

4-online two-hour courses released monthly

6-months of coaching emails to help apply course lessons in your workouts

Live group coaching sessions on zoom with Wavemakers® from around the world

Extra support from Wavemakers® Ambassadors from around the world

CECs: AEA 8.0, Arthritis Foundation 8.0, ATRI 8.0

Certificate: Wavemakers® ACADEMY

This isn’t just another course.

It’s a chance to start a new path to teaching purpose-driven exercise.

Watch the 7-minute video for details

Registration $279 USD



The 6-7 Formula
Train the Body the Way it Moves in Real Life

  • Learn how to use the 6-7 Formula to create new arm patterns for common water exercises.
  • I’ll walk you through my 3-step coaching strategy: Learn it. Feel it. Own it. so that you can personalize results for everyone.

Course release: October 14, 2021


Be an Intensity Coach
Target Moves for Specific Fitness Results

  • Learn how to use turbulence, surface area and speed to regulate intensity and target specific fitness results.
  • Up the level of your coaching with 3 D’s for communication: Demonstrate, Describe, and Do.

Course release: November 11, 2021


The Science of Water Exercise
Discover the Transformational Power of Water

  • Learn how to deliver life changing results with the R.I.I.T.T.E progressions. That’s: Range of motion, Intensity, Impact, Tempo, Turbulence and Equipment.
  • Teach like a pro. R.I.I.T.T.E progressions research made simple so that you can confidently apply it in every class you teach.

Course release: December 2, 2021


Wavemakers 21-day Challenge
Kick start the new year with simple drills that put water workouts on the fast track to results. Collaborate with Wavemakers from around the world to share ideas, uncertainties, and successes to accelerate results for everyone. We are better together!

February & March

The Ultimate Water Workout Planner
Plan an Entire Year of Classes with One Template

  • Now it’s time to plug all the learned components into a fully customizable, ready-made workout planner. Whether you like to plan or teach on the fly, learn how to re-cycle favorite workouts and create new ones with ease.
  • Grounded in science, this template prevents from doing too much or too little of any one thing in your workouts with better and faster results.

Course release: January 27, 2022

Meet Laurie,
the Water Exercise Teacher’s Teacher.

Recognized for her innovative approach to exercise as the recipient of the 2013 AEA Global Aquatic Fitness Professional Award and 2014 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award.

Hi there,

I created Wavemakers® online mentorship to help people like you develop skills as powerful, life-changing water exercise coaches. 

I poured everything I learned from 30 years of teaching into a simple formula that can be used to lead any workout with purpose, passion and results.

Wavemakers is packed with practical ways to use water, exercise science and current research. 

Here you will expand your exercise know-how, share personal success stories and soak up the collective wisdom of a community that encourages everyone to reach for their best.

It’s where aqua yoga, high intensity intervals, senior aquafit, water aerobics, deep water exercise or any water workout you can dream to create are changed – FOREVER.

I’d like to personally invite you to be a Wavemaker.

Together, let’s make some waves!

Changing Direction Makes a Difference

After completing Wavemakers® Academy you will:

  • Be a results-driven Water Exercise Coach
  • Have clarity, confidence and a plan to personalize your group classes 
  • Be forever part of a community who supports YOU

Registration $279 USD

Opens 6th of October