Be a Wavemaker – get the formula that water exercise success stories are made of. 

Learn how to use water in a totally different way and personalize results for everyone.

Class starts: September 22, 2022


Most workouts focus on what moves to do rather than how moves should feel. In other words, they focus on perfectly choreographed routines rather than customizing exercises to make a real difference on how people feel.

If you’re a certified fitness instructor – land or water – you know results depend on individualized movement variability and exercise intensity.

Do you have a way to make sure personalizing exercise in your group classes is top priority of every workout?


It’s time to think like a coach.


Your students are your athletes. They depend on you to help them stay independent, recover quickly after surgery, or complete a 5k (to name a few).

You need a results plan.

Get my 3-Step System for Coaching Water Exercise

It’s not a workout style or format. It’s a way to strategically train for results. A way to stay purpose-driven and spark creativity so workouts always feel new and fresh.

  • Everyone is different. Results require each exercise to have a custom range of motion and be performed at the right intensity. In other words, it’s not just what you do, but how you do it, that matters for individual results.
  • Embrace the coaching mindset. Learn what words to say to help students know what they should feel in their heart, lungs and muscles and target specific fitness results.

About the creator:

Hi, I’m Laurie, water exercise coach and founder of the Wavemakers® community.

As a kinesiologist who learns by doing, I bring the science in a practical way and teach why your best results depend on it. Through a mix of simple methods, including my 6-7 Movement Formula and feel-focused coaching, I give people exercises that truly make a difference in how they live every day.

I’ve been teaching fitness professionals for over twenty years and now spend most of my time working with Wavemakers. I’m committed to helping group fitness instructors get total body results with feel-focused coaching. As a community from more than 15 countries we’re on a mission to break free from scripted workouts and get personal results for everyone.

Why you should use the 6-7 Formula

What will you gain by using the 6-7 Formula?

“I learned the safe and scientific way to coach water exercises to all populations. The magic happens here because everyone feels the difference in their range of motion, strength, endurance, balance and overall well being.”
– Marybeth Skunta, Ohio

  • My proven and easy to use 6-7 Formula that gets results people can feel.
  • The confidence of knowing what exercises are best to keep your students safe and progressing.
  • Simple ways to apply the formula in circuit, interval, arthritis, or any format you dream to create for maximum purpose-driven creativity.
  • Video examples of shallow and deep-water applications (and land too!) so that you can use the formula immediately in any workout format.
  • A coaching mindset – because personal results in group classes are possible when you trust the process and enjoy real time interactions with your students.

This isn’t just another course.

The 6-7 Formula has helped fitness instructors spend less time planning, enjoy the real time interactions, and help their students get on the fast track to results.


In just 21 days, you’ll get the formula and learn how to use it.


Registration includes:

  • 2.0-hour online course
  • CECs: AEA 2.0, AF 2.0, ACE 0.2, ATRI 2.0
  • Coaching emails with exercise video tips
  • Weekly live and recorded group coaching
  • Certificate: Wavemakers® ACTIVATE


Registration: $79 USD


In this course you’ll learn:

  • How to think like a coach and why best results depend on it.
  • Ways to move in six directions for whole body results.
  • Why using 7 foot positions makes every exercise personal.
  • How to help students start feeling their way to best results.
  • How to use intensity to target specific fitness results.


LEARN by watching short videos with captioning, underwater footage and printable notes.

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