2022 Wavemakers Ambassador: The 6-7 Formula: Explore the Difference

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Hi there Wavemaker,

Thank you for being part of our international community of world class water exercise coaches committed to helping people to move better using the 6-7 Formula.

This CEC opportunity assesses understanding of the lessons taught in coaching tips #1-#24 and build a workout with me group coaching sessions #1-10.

To summarize the key concepts, I hosted a live meetup on March 28, 2022. That replay is included in this course to help prepare you for the 24-question quiz.

After you watch the video, all you need to do is complete the quiz to earn your 12 CECs.

Let’s make some waves!

Learn the strategies that are getting real results for real people, right now!
The coaching tips followed by the live build-a-workout sessions are so focused and a great learning method. I am so much better equipped to create new workouts without having to rely on someone else’s template
–June H. from South Dakota