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Wavemakers ACADEMY

Reset, redefine, and recharge how you teach water exercise – forever!


In 6-months you’ll learn how to give a personal training experience in group classes.
Experience a result driven program that teaches WHAT to do and HOW to do it.
Academy is for new and experienced professionals eager to learn and develop new skills.


Program includes: 4-online workshops, 6-months of weekly coaching emails and support from a team of world leaders inside our Facebook community.

Learn the strategies that are getting real results for real people, right now!
I have to say, as a water exercise student and an instructor, I am blown away by all the training in just one module. So different than how I thought, or did not think, about my workouts before I started Wavemakers!
–AnnaMarie Mudd, Arizona USA

October 2020: The 6-7 Formula
Train the Body the Way it Moves in Real Life

  1. Create endless new moves with ease. Learn how to use six directional movement and 7-foot positions to create endless new moves for shallow, transitional and deep water.
  2. Personalize results for each person in class. I’ll walk you through my 3-step coaching strategy: Learn it. Feel it. Own it. so that you can make group exercise personal.


November 2020: Be an Intensity Coach
Targeted Movements for Specific Fitness Results

  1. Master movement variability. Now that you know the formula to train the body how it moves in real life, it’s time to learn how to use the aquatic exercise intensity scale to target any fitness goal: cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and neuromotor function.
  2. Use words that get results. It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Learn how to use targeted cues to help students monitor, measure and modify any move.


December 2020: The Science of Water Exercise
Discover the Transformational Power of Water

  1. Teach for maximal results. Now that you’ve got the 6-7 Formula and know how to be an intensity coach, it’s time to learn how you’ll deliver life changing results with the R.I.I.T.T.E progressions. That’s: Range of motion, Intensity, Impact, Tempo, Turbulence and Equipment.
  2. Teach like a pro. R.I.I.T.T.E progressions research made simple so that you can confidently apply it in every class you teach.


January 2021: The Ultimate Water Workout Planner
Plan an Entire Year of Classes with One Template

  1. Deliver your best programming ever. Now it’s time to plug all the learned components into a fully customizable, ready-made workout planner. Whether you like to plan or teach on the fly, learn how to re-cycle favorite workouts and create new ones with ease.
  2. Make group exercise personal. Grounded in science, this template prevents from doing too much or too little of any one thing in your workouts with better and faster results.


February + March 2021: Putting it All Together
Be a Water Exercise Coach
In just 6-months you’ll have all the lessons I learned over 30 years – studying kinesiology and biomechanics, thousands of hours planning and teaching classes, and hundreds of conversations with industry leaders and people who inspire me most.


It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been teaching. I’m going to help you help your students get a personal training experience in group exercise.

Even with 40 Years of Experience, More to Learn
I’ve been teaching since the late ’80s and am learning much, being reminded of things I’ve heard before, and clarifying information I thought I knew. But, what I am really loving is that I feel like I am a much more powerful, life-enhancing instructor
–Sue Lerch, Wisconsin USA

The Academy includes:

  • 4 online courses
  • 6-months of weekly coaching emails
  • Facebook community led by Laurie Denomme, Katrien Lemahieu, Mick and Sue Nelson, Jeanmarie Scordino, Lori Sherlock and Steph Toogood
  • Extra support from Wavemakers® from around the world


After completing Wavemakers® Academy you will:

  • Move from passionate instructor to confident Water Exercise Coach
  • Have clarity, confidence and a plan to personalize your group classes
  • Be forever part of a community who supports YOU


CECs: AEA 8.0, Arthritis Foundation 8.0, ATRI 8.0
Certificate: Wavemakers® ACADEMY
Registration $249 USD



Laurie Denomme
Meet Laurie,
the Water Exercise Teacher’s Teacher.

Recognized for her innovative approach to exercise as recipient of the 2013 AEA Global Aquatic Fitness Professional Award and 2014 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award.

Hi there,

I created Wavemakers® online mentorship to help people like you develop skills as powerful, life-changing water exercise coaches.

Wavemakers is packed with practical ways to use water, exercise science and current research.

Here you will expand your exercise know-how, share personal success stories and soak up the collective wisdom of a community that encourages everyone to reach for their best.

It’s where aqua yoga, high intensity intervals, senior aquafit, water aerobics, deep water exercise or any water workout you can dream to create are changed – FOREVER.

I’d like to personally invite you to be a Wavemaker.

Together, let’s make some waves!