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Wavemakers ACTIVATE

Understand how six directional movement, seven-foot positions and variable intensity work together to strengthen the body, burn fat and get the results you want. Reset, redefine, and recharge how you practice water exercise – forever!

In 3-weeks you’ll learn:

1. Why moving in six directions is required in every workout
2. Why using 7-foot positions provides whole body results
3. How to ensure participants work at the right intensity
4. How to personalize group exercise with the 6-7 Formula
5. Cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and neuromotor applications

It includes:

  • Online course: Basic Moves Made Better
  • 3-weekly coaching emails
  • Daily coaching inside a Facebook community led by Laurie Denomme
  • Extra support from Wavemakers® Ambassadors from around the world

CECs: AEA 2.0, Arthritis Foundation 2.0, ACE 0.2, ATRI 2.0
Certificate: Wavemakers® ACTIVATE
Registration $79 USD

Learn the strategies that are getting real results for real people, right now!
After learning simple yet important exercise moves for all of my water exercise classes, my mind thinks only the Wavemaker way. It’s amazing!!! I could never go back (nor would) to the way I used to prepare for my classes. I’m happy to pass so much knowledge on to my participants.
–Marybeth Skunta, Ohio USA

Program Calendar

Week Focus Online Course
April 30-May 9 ACTIVATE registration
May 10-16 Move in Six Directions Module 1
May 17-23 Use 7-Foot Positions Module 2
May 24-30 Aquatic Exercise Intensity Scale Module 3