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Move In More Directions: A Game Changer

Help your clients get better and faster results
Laurie Denomme and Jeanmarie Scordino reveal the most effective ways to get better and faster results from any land or water exercise program. Basic exercises are made extraordinary using three key strategies: six-directional movement, seven basic positions of the feet, and finding/feeling meaningful movement. Whether you are new to aquatics or a veteran, this course is something every fitness professional needs in their repertoire.



  1. Explore ways to use six-directional movement to reduce stiffness
  2. Use seven basic positions of the feet to fire up and strengthen weak muscles
  3. Discover new ways to help clients find and feel more meaningful movement
  4. Understand how to apply strategies to any exercise or workout format
  5. Take home one land and one water workout to improve total body mobility

Course includes:

  1. Audio and video recordings that deliver course content in 3 learning modules
  2. Total body workouts and choreography notes: (1) Total Body Tune-Up (water) and (2) Total Body Mobility (land) from our Movements for Mobility DVD
  3. Coaching notes (available to print as a PDF) to follow along and facilitate learning

CECs: AEA 2.0, Arthritis Foundation 2.0, ATRI 2.0

Learn the strategies that are getting real results for real people, right now!