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More Behind the Moves: Ski, Jack, and Twist

This workshop takes an in-depth look at how we use the feet, hips and thoracic spine when walking. Understanding the body mechanics of walking will help you use three common water exercises — ski, jumping jack, and twist — to help the body be more efficient with every step. The grab-and-go shallow water workout will help your clients improve balance, lengthen their stride, and walk with better posture.

Take this course to learn:

  1. Why strength is so important when transitioning in and out of an exercise.
  2. How to use 3 common exercises: ski, jack and twist – to improve walking.
  3. Strategies to help participants self-monitor and self-adjust each exercise.
  4. How to design a water workout to walk better on land.

Course includes:

  1. Information delivered in 4 learning modules (learn at your own pace – no time limits)
  2. Videos of interactive lectures
  3. Detailed coaching notes to follow along and facilitate learning (available to print as a PDF)
  4. A sample workout and choreography notes for poolside use
  5. Videos of quiz questions and answers explained upon course completion


CECs: AEA 2.0, Arthritis Foundation 2.0, ATRI 2.0


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