Wavemakers® Mentorship WAVE1

Wavemakers® Mentorship WAVE1

Wavemakers® is a mentorship program focused on helping people move and feel better. It’s about health and fitness. It’s about community, resources, and results.
Wavemakers® is a tool that helps you build your career as an exercise coach and impact people’s lives in significant ways. It’s a new way of thinking that recognizes people as individuals, supports a healthy respect for the body, and allows everyone to own their workouts. Inspired by my participants.
Influenced by leaders around the world. Created for YOU my fellow instructors!
Like you, I know water is calming, a place to do high intensity training or stretch in a way so different than on land – a place where you can feel your body getting stronger.
I love teaching water exercise! I teach every week, yet there are times when I feel stuck for new ideas. No matter how long we’ve been teaching, we sometimes struggle to find the right words to explain new concepts or the right combination of exercises to achieve desired results.

The message I’m trying to teach with Wavemakers® is simple:
Beneath the surface, there is a better YOU!
In the two years it took me to create Wavemakers®, something big happened. As I refined my coaching methods, I began to notice incredible changes in my participants, and their comments surprised me. Things like: “I’m having the best golf season ever, it must be the new exercises” and “the workouts are much more intense”. The key – better transfer of knowledge.
Once they understood the “why” behind the “how,” and how to self-monitor their workouts, my participants discovered how to getter better results. Along the way, I too began to see water exercise through a new lens that allowed me to discover:
Beneath the surface, there is a better ME!
I poured all the things I’ve learned teaching for over 25 years into Wavemakers®, an online mentorship that helps you discover what’s been hidden beneath the surface all this time.
Join me and get ready to fall in love with what you do all over again. In this year-long adventure, you’ll gain access to valuable coaching advice from industry leaders, online education courses, downloadable teaching tools, weekly motivational and educational emails, and an idea sharing forum of fellow Wavemakers®.

Wavemakers® starts NOW
Interaction is not typically found in online courses, but our learn-grow-share community encourages working together and sharing ideas so that individually and collectively, we become better instructors.
Wavemakers® is not a membership. It’s not just a series of courses. It’s not memorized routines. Wavemakers® is a mentorship program designed to increase your exercise know-how and shift your creativity into high gear to accelerate your teaching skills.