We created a program that unifies high intensity intervals and mindful yoga exercise to target the full spectrum of intensity necessary for performance and results

Anyone can do HIYO workouts and get amazing results. We’ll teach you our most popular HIYO workouts and show you how to use the formula to create your own.

Three courses available now

HIYO Bundle

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Purposeful exercise. Personalized instruction. Planned workouts.

HIYO aquatic interval training for all



Key features of every HIYO workout:

  • Simple format makes workout planning easy
  • Purposeful exercises driven by the 6-7 Formula
  • Coaching intensity delivers personalized results
  • Adaptable for any pool temperature and depth


This 1-hour interactive lecture teaches the HIYO Formula, ways to use it in every phase of a workout, and how to plan a successful 8-week program.
Lecture: 1.0 hour

HIYO™️ Cardio Interval Challenge

Cardio workouts are the number one way to improve aerobic fitness, lower risk of heart disease and burn calories. Learn five distinctive cardio-focused intervals that target the full range of aerobic intensities.
Workshop: 2.0 hours

HIYO™️ Fantastic Four

Apply the HIYO formula to four proven high intensity interval training (HIIT) techniques: Tabata, Little Method, Turbulence Training and Fartlek. Learn how these workouts benefit people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory conditions.
Workshop: 2.0 hours