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Laurie Denomme
Learn with Laurie,
the Water Exercise Teacher’s Teacher.
Laurie Denomme, kinesiologist and founder of Water Exercise Coach, is an award-winning water exercise leader and creative thinker. Best known for her innovative workout formats including: HI-YO™, BioExercise™, and Aqua Yoga Strength™ and courses that teach what to do and how to do it so you can lead workouts with excitement to get your students results.
Each course is packed with practical ways to use water, exercise science and research.
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This year I’ve been rebuilding my team, bringing on new instructors and re-energizing our veterans. Training with Laurie is very thorough, addresses all types of learning styles and reinforces learning through practical application.
Linda McDorman
Linda McDorman, Virginia USA

Two Ways to Learn
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Online Classes
Wavemakers is a proven program easy to learn and replicate in your water exercise classes. The
results are consistent programming and member satisfaction.
Join a continuous learning program suitable for all levels enrolling twice a year.
Online Courses
Take one of our online courses available 365 days a year. Learn at your own pace following interactive lectures, underwater videos, and printable coaching notes.


Easy to navigate website and engaging videos with a great mix of movement demonstration and information. I really appreciated that each quiz had a review part with explanations of any information I may have misunderstood.
Celina Klineschmidt, Sarasota Florida
Nothing targets whole body fitness and wellness like Water Exercise Coach.