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Heck no…this is just the beginning!

Now that we’re connected by a common language, desire to learn and passion to help others, you’ll be invited to stay on this learn-grow-share journey inside Wavemakers.

In the meantime, now that you have successfully completed Basic Moves Made Better, it’s your turn get out there and make some waves!

Let’s make some waves!

Course Instructor
Laurie Denomme, Kinesiologist and Fellow of Applied Functional Science™ through the Gray Institute, is an international fitness educator, founder of WECOACH and creator of Wavemakers®. She serves as a contributor and subject matter expert for top consumer magazines, including Self and Weight Watchers. Laurie is the recipient of the 2013 AEA Global Aquatic Fitness Professional Award and 2014 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award.
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Jeanmarie Scordino has over 25 years experience as an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, sport conditioning coach and clinical health coach. She is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science™, and has had the honor of being a multi-year facilitator for the Gray Institute Fellowship Program. She lives and works in beautiful Clearwater Florida, where she is actively involved in health and wellness education and promoting the values of Applied Functional Science™ for fitness professional and community members.
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Lori Sherlock Ed.D. is an associate professor in the School of Medicine at West Virginia University. She coordinates and teaches the aquatic therapy curriculum within the division of Exercise Physiology and is proud to state that it is the only one like it in the nation. Lori is an AEA trainer and a member of the Aquatic Exercise Association’s Research Committee. She has a great interest in furthering the field of aquatics through education.
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