Welcome to Basic Moves Made Better, an online learning course for Wavemakers™.

Before you get started, get your coaching notes. This PDF document highlights key concepts covered in the video tutorials. The interactive learning opportunities are designed to help you successfully pass each quiz and implement the concepts into your workouts. Print a copy and take notes as you follow along.

pdfBasic Moves Made Better Coach Notes

This module will explain the relationship of mobility, strength and endurance to healthy aging. Learn how to use two simple concepts — move in six directions and seven basic foot positions — to deliver significant training results. Discuss how these concepts can be applied to water jogging to improve walking on land.

Purposeful Physical Exercise

Whether rehabilitating an injury, cross training to enhance athletic performance or simply enjoying the feel-good nature of exercising in water, the process guiding exercise should be the same.

Move in Six Directions! Since movement is three-dimensional, it’s necessary to consider the fact that joints and muscles require movement in all three planes.

To deliver better results, move in six directions:
1: Forward (anterior)
2: Backward (posterior)
3: Right (right lateral)
4: Left (left lateral)
5: Turn Right (right rotation)
6: Turn Left (left rotation)

Use Seven Basic Foot Positions
The feet can also be positioned along all three planes of motion to create new exercises that authentically represent how we move every day.