Welcome to More Behind the Moves – Ski, Jack and Twist.

Before you get started, get your coaching notes. This PDF document highlights key concepts covered in the video tutorials. The interactive learning opportunities are designed to help you successfully pass each quiz and implement the concepts into your workouts. Print a copy and take notes as you follow along.

pdfMore Behind the Moves Coaching Notes

The tendency is to think of muscles as a constant, always the same. However, muscles can (and must) adjust to the task. In other words, a muscle’s functionality depends on what it’s being asked to do. This module explains the concept of the transformation zone and how you can use this knowledge to help clients to perform daily activities with ease.

Transformation Zone
The time period during a movement where we slow down and change direction.


Muscle Function
Muscle function is TASK SPECIFIC and CONTEXT DEPENDENT. Muscles are called on in a unique way for each TASK (activity, chore, sport, movement) and need to respond differently depending on the CONTEXT or environment in which the task is being performed.

If you are finding that this information is a bit overwhelming, just remember two things: 1. Move in six directions and 2. Use seven different foot positions to make a ski, jack and twist (and any other exercise) more task specific.

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