Module 2. HIYO Workout Planning PART 1

Target and challenge the aerobic system using two research-derived protocols with an added HIYO twist. Discover why these two cardio interval challenges are different and what benefits they will provide to your clients.
HIYO Cardio Interval Challenge #1
This format has been used for many different populations including those with different cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases. It’s one of the most notable protocols when providing workouts for a diverse, and even compromised, population.
HIYO Cardio Interval Challenge #2
Using a 1:1 work:rest ratio, just as in our first cardio interval challenge, stresses our aerobic system to adapt and become stronger. By asking our participants to exercise at an “8” on the RPE chart, we will be working towards the higher end of the aerobic threshold. In addition to taxing the aerobic system by maintaining a fairly high intensity for 4 minutes paired with a 4-minute moderate intensity recovery (YO), we are also using similar exercises that stress the same muscle groups, thus promoting muscular endurance.