Move in More Directions: A Game Changer

Move in More Directions: A Game Changer


In three learning modules, Laurie Denomme and Jeanmarie Scordino reveal the most effective ways to get better and faster results from any exercise program.



A common sense guide to exercise that uses three key strategies:
1. Moving in six directions should be part of every exercise program
2. Hundreds of exercises can be created using seven basic positions of the feet
3. There are systematic ways to personalize any group exercise program

Course includes:
1. Audio explanation and video demonstration to illustrate the three key strategies
2. Viewing access of Total Body Tune-Up (30-minute water workout) and Total Body Mobility (12-minute land workout) from Movements for Mobility DVD
3. Supplemental notes explaining the why behind exercise selection in both workouts
Helping people to move and feel better is what our fitness programs are all about.

But you can’t help your clients until you learn the strategies that are getting real results for real people, right now! Whether you are new to aquatics or a veteran instructor, you will gain successful methods to deliver better exercise results.