Strength is Balance

Strength is Balance


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Shallow-water interval training
A fat-burning, functional fitness workout that focuses on the health and fitness needs of the body as it ages. Six interval sets transform movements you do every day into exercises for the pool, helping you move better in any direction life takes you. Short cardio intervals boost heart health, melt calories, and fast-track your results.

Course Objectives:
1. Recognize the importance of mobility, strength, and endurance to healthy aging.
2. Identify six movement essentials: reaching, walking, lifting, turning, sit-to-stand, and balance.
3. Learn how to transform these six movements you do every day into exercises for the pool.
4. Discover how to coach clients to work at an intensity that improves heart health.
5. Take home one shallow water interval workout to improve total body functionality of people over 50.

The information is covered in 4 modules:
1. In the first three you’ll be learning through evidence based lectures that include underwater video clips to help you understand program goals, exercise selection and program design.
2. In module 4, I’ll be joined by my students to demonstrate a full length Strength is Balance workout.
3. All modules include coaching notes to help you implement your own Strength is Balance program.