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The Wavemakers® Course


Learn how to be a water exercise coach that gets results students can feel.

  • 14-day self-paced course
  • Daily support to help you apply learning to your workouts
  • 2 weeks of live training

Wavemakers: A 14-Day Course

  • Wavemakers is for fitness instructors, personal trainers, and swim coaches who want to teach water workouts that students brag about to their friends.
  • It’s for instructors guessing about what exercises are best for their students.
  • It’s for anyone feeling like they are putting in way too much effort planning.
  • It’s for instructors looking for ways to boost their creativity.


Wavemakers is for new and experienced professionals 

eager to learn and develop new skills.

Wavemakers includes:

2-hour online self-paced course

14 days of emails with added tips to help apply course lessons in your workouts

4 group coaching sessions on zoom led by creator by Laurie Denomme

Extra support from Wavemakers from around the word

CECs: AEA 2.0, Arthritis Foundation 2.0, ATRI 2.0, ACE 0.2

This isn’t just another course.

It’s a chance to start a new path to teaching purpose-driven exercise.

Watch the 4-minute video for details

Registration $89 USD

Wavemakers Success Stories

Hi I’m Laurie,
Creator of Wavemakers

As a kinesiologist who learns by doing, I bring the science in a practical way. Through a mix of simple methods, including my 6-7 movement formula and feel-focused coaching, I give people exercises that truly make a difference in how they feel.

I’ve been teaching fitness professionals for over twenty years and currently spend most of my time working with Wavemakers – a community of forever learners. Together we’re on a mission to break free from scripted workouts and get personal results for everyone.

Join our community of world-class water exercise coaches.

Be a Wavemaker!

Proven Results in 3-Simple Steps

Register for Wavemakers now and receive:

  • My easy to use 6-7 formula. Learn how six directional movement, 7-foot positions and intensity work together and why your best results depend on it.
  • Confidence of knowing what exercises are best. Simple ways to apply the formula in circuit, interval, arthritis, or any format you dream to create.
  • Continuing Education. 2-hour self-paced online course with completely updated videos for 2022 and get CECs: AEA 2.0, Arthritis Foundation 2.0, ACE 0.2, ATRI 2.0.
  • Live and recorded Q&A. Ask questions, get additional training on each course module and support from me and my team for 2 weeks.
  • A coaching mindset. Because personal results in group classes are possible when you trust the process and enjoy real time interactions with your students.

Wavemakers are Forever Learners

After four years of coaching and working alongside the people in our Wavemakers community, I know that with additional support comes even more success for you and your students. That’s why I’m also including 2 BONUSES with your registration.


How to Coach Your Perfect Workout: 5 Strategies to Keep Students Safe and Progressing
As we evolve, we continue to experience major breakthroughs as a community. This brand-new masterclass highlights five coaching tips to help you turn what you already know into water workout success stories. Your chance to gain coaching confidence starts here.


30 Days of Coaching. Join our monthly build a workout session and get access to our searchable Wavemakers library of 50+ workout planning and coaching videos. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to spend time with Wavemakers and grow your coaching confidence.

These bonuses valued at $125 are FREE with your registration.

Wavemakers is for new and experienced professionals eager to learn and develop new skills.

After completing Wavemakers you will

  • Know how to be a results-driven water exercise coach
  • Have clarity, confidence and a plan to personalize your group classes
  • Be part of a community who supports YOU

Registration $89 USD